Honoring our Past ChangeMakers

ChangeMakers make our community safer, better and more beautiful for everyone. These are the people who improve the lives of others and, in turn, create a healthier community through their passion for serving others.


ChangeMakers have been awarded in three categories:

Individual ChangeMaker

In the spirit of Sister Georgette, this award went to individuals who saw a need and acted upon that need, far beyond what one might expect of a single person, to make their community more vibrant by improving the lives of others.

Community Organization ChangeMaker

This honor was presented to a lesser-known organizations doing amazing things with limited resources and visibility. These organizations created something far beyond what one would expect could be done and their community is richer and more connected because it.

Cornerstone Organization ChangeMaker

This award went to a established organizations (or a division within an organization) with many resources, credibility and status, while redefining itself and its mission, in a way that allows the community to rise up in a safer, better, and more beautiful way.


Award History

Introduced in 2015, the ChangeMaker Awards were given annually, at EOA, in the spirit of Sister Georgette Bayless, a beloved Sister of Providence. Sister Georgette’s heartfelt efforts, to go above and beyond to provide care and support to all those around her, helped build our local hospice service as well as the sexual assault center in Everett.

The award was given in three categories – Individual, Community Organization, and Cornerstone Organization. ChangeMaker Award recipients include Mary Toews of Mari’s Place, Familias Unidas, Miriam Vargas, Beck’s Place, Dr. Jimmy Grierson, Adopt A Stream Foundation, Everett Housing Authority, Roslyn Sterling with Totes for Kids, Volunteers of America and Arlington Resource Center.

The spirit of the work and impact they’ve made continues to grow, surrounded by so many other ChangeMakers in our community. We’re thrilled to have brought some amazing work to light over the years and hope our community continues to find ways to lift up and honor those working quietly to make this place the healthiest place to live, work and play!