2017 ChangeMakers

James Grierson Portrait shot

2017 Individual ChangeMaker:

Jimmy Grierson, MD. Leads “Healing and Hope for the Hurting”

“All individuals should have access to free, professional healthcare services regardless of circumstances,” is the thought that came to Dr. Jimmy Grierson while spending his vacation providing free medical services in Haiti. It inspired a vision of how he could serve the health needs in his own, local community as he served the patients in Haiti.

Upon returning to his medical practice in Marysville, Dr. Grierson worked tirelessly to share his vision and rally support from donors and volunteers. In June 2009, the Safe Harbor Free Clinic in Stanwood opened its doors. Serving an estimated 2,000 patients a year, who might otherwise go without healthcare, the clinic has expanded to include an in-house lab, specialty clinics, and dental care, and is the only “brick and mortar” free clinic located between Seattle and the Canadian border.

In addition to his dedication to Safe Harbor and his full-time medical practice, Dr. Grierson serves on the YMCA board in Stanwood, coaches his kids’ sports teams and remains a visionary for those in need – focusing on health prevention and intervention.



painting of salmon swimming close together

2017 Community Organization ChangeMaker:

Adopt A Stream Foundation Teaching Environmental Stewardship for Our Streams & Wetlands

Tom Murdoch realized that someone needed to educate our county’s residents to protect and preserve the environmental health and beauty of our local waters. Thanks to his vision and efforts, our community watersheds that feed our streams are cleaner and healthier and county residents continue to be educated on the importance of water quality stewardship.

Tom’s original Adopt A Stream Program, established in 1980, is now the Adopt A Stream Foundation that has educated thousands of students, restored dozens of streams on public and private lands, removed and improved hundreds of fish passage barriers, and continues to improve, restore and naturalize community watersheds that flow into streams inhabited by fish and wildlife, including salmon.

To expand their work, AASF partnered with Snohomish County Parks to build the NW Stream Center in McCollum Park. Now home to the Streamkeeper™ Academy and the Junior Streamkeepers outreach program for elementary and middle schools.



everett housing authority logo 2017 Cornerstone Organization ChangeMaker:


Everett Housing Authority Going Above & Beyond to Support Everett Residents’

Needs When faced with a difficult decision about the future of the aged, deteriorating 244-unit, Baker Heights complex, the Everett Housing Authority could have simply chosen to do their job and efficiently relocate this complex’s long-term residents. Instead, they have risen beyond their role of providing safe and affordable, quality housing, symbolizing a much bigger, more caring advocacy for this community.

The care and compassion EHA is showing for each of these residents can be seen at every turn. They are working with each resident, lovingly guiding them step-by-step through the process, while keeping a close eye to ensure they maintain their important cultural and support ties. They are anticipating the community’s needs and providing the tools and connections needed to allow them to flourish in their new environments. It is not enough to just find them housing: EHA wants to make sure their residents are happy, secure and well established in their new homes.

EHA’s understanding and empathy for their residents and the lengths to which they are acting – above and beyond their organizational mission – continue to lift this community and provide them with the tools and resources that will help them be successful now and in the future.