2018 Agenda

We are pleased to provide an overview of the 2018 summit content!  Continuing our commitment to community-based efforts, the three conference tracks are based on what we heard from our attendees last year.

Spend Day One in our pre-conference sessions defining community priorities around:

These priorities will become the focus for the conference on Day Two, because as Edge of Amazing grows, it continues to be focused on collaboration and guided by the community.

This year’s summit will be engaging and interactive as we set “A Stage for Change”.  During the first day’s sessions, attendees will collaborate to set common goals and priorities.  Those priorities will be the focus of the second day where the work will be done to help each attendee to define and write and action plan they can implement with themselves and/or their organization.  No matter how large or small, EVERYONE has the ability to contribute an action that will support the effort to improve health and well-being in Snohomish County.

We will continue to make updates in the upcoming weeks with speakers, objectives and titles – so be sure to check back soon and often!